Ashoka Meta-Chem Industries

Ashoka Meta-Chem Industries was started in the year 1988 by young entrepreneurs Mr.Lalit Jain (B.E. Chemical) & Mr.Arvind Parekh (MBA).

We are the manufacturers of basic electroplating chemicals, precious electroplating chemicals and a vast range of electroplating and pharmaceutical intermediates.

We extensively import raw materials and export wide range of finished basic and precious chemicals. Ashoka Meta-Chem is not just a supply house dealing in certain products manufactured in house and certain items imported overseas. We offer our customers a total solution to their customized requirements by providing the latest and the best techniques in this field.

Basic and Precious electroplating chemicals are considered building blocks of the entire electroplating and petrochemical industry. They are processed further to yield fibers, surfactants, polymers, and a number of chemicals from which various by-products are formed.